About Moi…

I am Katherine. Obviously, I had written down my full identity in the web address. A nurse, a runner, a mother, a friend, a former TV Journalist. Running is my current passion. And I have high hopes it will remain so.

And this is my blog site. I am not the best writer in the world, but I aim to write my thoughts. “I write to express, not to impress,” as the cliche goes. High falutin words are not me. Where my thoughts come from— well, from wherever. Writing is my first love, having finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications. This led me to a 9-year career in the field of TV News back in the Philippines. How I ended up being a nurse is another thing. Yet I found that in running, my thoughts flow and that it encourages me to write.

I have also been traveling lately. So I decided to incorporate my travels in this blog.

Thus, this site. Read on and enjoy. Even criticize. Comments strongly encouraged.


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