the newbie runner

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

@ the newport-liberty half-marathon in jersey city. 09.23.12

slowly but surely, indeed, cliche as it may sound. 
i am katherine bermudez, 30-something, upper-30-something, neophyte runner from new jersey. a mom, a nurse, and now (as i can add to my resume) a runner. i cant really say running is ingrained in my system, but yes, i have learned to love running, since i started a year ago. what prompted me to run? i can’t exactly say, except that i know i hate the gym and i do love to eat (unhealthy, sometimes, being a filipino with a predisposition to eating high-cholesterol foods). thus, this was my only form of exercise— running, that is. i had done a couple days of brazilian butt, insanity, yoga here and there but i never lasted. then, of course, i should not forget that part of why i got into running was because of my husband, who has run several races, who manages to push his limits when it comes to doing what he loves, and who manages do well at doing these things. so what is this website all about? it is about whatever that comes to mind— running, i guess, is at the forefront. why? because it is when i run that i get to think and go back to writing— only at that point when i’m running, words are written in my mind. and just like how it had happened over and over, words and thoughts were forgotten, once i hit the shower.
so here i am, attempting to put my thoughts into writing. i am not the greatest writer, although part of my career (9 years) prior to becoming a nurse was spent on tv news. also, i am no technical runner, so this is no spot for haters, who may question why i do things the way i do things why i run. understand that some of the rituals i perform is based on me being a nurse, conventional or unconventional. i am no technical runner, such that i don’t do plans or, at least, i have not subscribe to it, as yet. however, i acknowledge wisdom of great runners— kara goucher is one of them— whose book i have started to read and have yet to finish. despite this unfinished business, i subscribe to some words she had said, including the encouragement to run, regardless of how fast or slow, as long as one runs; this is one advise i certainly tell my non-running friends.
in my other (i suppose) upcoming blogs, i may talk of other things like nursing, as i love to contemplate and ponder on experiences i encounter, working in an emergency room. things that i see that give different perspectives in life, things that make me laugh, things that make me want to say “kill me now.” again, the same way as i declare that i am not a technical, experienced runner, i will talk of things nursing, not as an expert. thus, again, haters beware.and then there are other things to talk about. anything under the sun.
 let me take it one step at a time. slowly. surely. or maybe not.

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