Faces of Terror

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

So this is what happens to the face of terrorism. Young. Young as a 19-year old, who practically grew up in America with a promising future. It has evolved.

It has evolved from the cliche of a man with a turban or a kufi. Or a beard. Of course, it should not have been to begin with.

I remember how, as a person growing up in a 3rd world, it was hard to come to the US. You have to be smart, moneyed, or just plain lucky.

The visa processing in the Philippines for wanna-be US tourists is a test all its own. It is a process prepared for by many for months and months… It is a tedious process of gathering documents and resources. And by resources, I mean money. Why? Because many Filipinos have been known not or never to go back home to the Philippines after a “tour” in the US, therefore, they need to prove financial ties in the homeland. The crappy economy and the hopeless governance back home just makes its so tempting for anyone who has come to the US and has seen that hard labor does work and lead you somewhere in this land of milk and honey— however cliche that may sound again. So many Filipinos stay here— illegally. Now, don’t question me with some statistics bull because I do not have that. I only have some people I have met to back this statement.

You would be surprised where these people come from. Or who they are. Most of them are well-educated, college-bred individuals, who had given up their comforts back home. Because there is hope here.

Millions, though, are back home, still hoping to come to the US to have their taste of the American Life. Many are not lucky.

Owe that, I guess, to the strict visa screening.

Yet in retrospect or further introspection, it is sad. Because much like the other individuals who come here to work hard so they can feed mouths back home, these are people with noble intentions.

They are not here to drop bombs. Or use guns.

Often, all they have is the motivation to make the lives of those they left comfortable back home… or to have enough funds in the bank so that the kids don’t have to worry about college.

Thus it is sad to think of the irony that monsters who have so easily wrecked the major havocs in this country are individuals who were or are those who possess the legal rights to be here. Yet those who deserve to be here for their honest-to-goodness living are those denied the opportunity.

This should be a lesson. Terrorism no longer has a face.


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